Wish Your $7 Secrets Script Could Do More?

It Can With This Plugin!

Dear Potential Dimesale Entrepreneur,

    If you've used the $7 Secrets Scripts at all then you will know that it's a very simple and powerful tool to have in your internet marketing arsenal.

I myself have been a long time user of this script and am extremely happy with the way it automates the sales, delivery and affiliate payments for various products I have offered over the years, but then one day this thought came to me..........

"You Could Use The $7 Secrets Script To Run Dimesales!"

Having attended many dimesale event over the years I know their potential to attract a large number of visitors and consequentially make a good profit for the dimesale owner.

In short, dimesale visitors love a bargain and dimesale owners love them because they attract visitors.

However I got the $7 secret script to run dimesales, the solution had to meet just three criteria. It had integrate into the $7 secrets script, be simple to install and use & be flexible enough to handle any type of dimesale.

And here's the result.....

The $7 Dimesale Plugin

Here's are just some features of the $7 dimesale plugin:

Tick Set a start date and time for your dimesale
Set your dimesale to start now, tomorrow, next week or next month. The plugin will not start your dimesale until you want it to. A very useful feature for building excitement amongst your visitors.

Tick Set an end date and time for your dimesale
By setting an end date and time on your dimesale, you can set a state of urgency amongst your visitors. If they wait they will have to pay more and if they wait too long, they will lose out completely.

Tick Set a maximum price for your dimesale
Want your dimesale to run until it reaches a certain price? Well this plugin can do that as well. Just set the maximum price when installing you dimesale and once that price is reached it will not increase any more (Note: this feature is great for product releases)

Tick Redirect visitors on pre-sale and/or post-sale
Set up a pre-sale page to show before your dimesale starts and a post-sale page to show after your dimesale has ended. Generate some excitement about your dimesale event and attract subscribers.

Tick Redirect visitors on reaching the  maximum price
Let your dimesale reach it's maximum price and then redirect to a "Sale is over, sorry you missed out!" page. (Note: Add an newsletter signup form to this page and you'll build a list of subscibers eager to know about your next dimesale event!)

Tick "Auto-Start" on first dimesale visitor
Want to give your customers an incentive to be the first to get to your salespage. Well you can with this new feature that allows you to configure your dimesale to start running when the first visitor arrives at your salespage.

Tick Show a countdown timer on your salespage
Let your customers know exactly how long they have got before the price increase. Make them eagerr to buy before it costs them more.

Tick Set the increase amount/interval
Increase the price of you product by as much as you like, how often you like.

Tick Display any detail of your dimesale
Show the current price, sale end date, next price, time left till price increase, etc on your sales page by simply copy and pasting code.

Tick Extremely quick and simple install
Get your dimesale up and running in a matter of minutes

All these fantastic features in one simple to use plugin!

You will need a copy of the $7 secrets script to run this plugin. If you haven't got one then why not take a look at the $7 secrets script.

The combined cost of the $7 secrets script and the $7 dimesale plugin is much less than the cost of most standalone dimesale scripts.

So what could you do with the $7 Dimesale Plugin?

Here are just a few ideas of how you can use the power of the $7 secrets script and the flexibility of the $7 dimesale plugin to your advantage:

Set up a standard dimesale - Simply set the increase interval and increase amount on your dimesale and let the plugin do the rest for you.

Use it to for product launches - Set the increase interval and increase amount on your dimesale as well as a maximum price (i.e. the full selling price of your product). Generate an "I don't want to pay the full price" attitude and get a horde of bargain hungry customers eager to buy your new product before it reaches it's full price. 

Time Limit your dimesales - By setting an end date for your dimesale you will create an "I might lose out if I wait" mentality with your buyers.

Set up a "Dimesale-Chain" - Set one dimesale to redirect to another when it's finished, when the second dimesale finishes redirect to a third and so on. These could be set weeks or even months in advance, giving you a totally automated hands-free method of making sales and building your subscriber base.

"Auto-Start" your dimesales - A new feature added to the $7 Dimesale Plugin, this allows you to set up your dimesale and have it start running when the first visitor arrives at the sales page. This is a great way of exciting your customer base and giving them an incentive to get to your dimesale first and grab your porduct for the lowest possible price. 

I'm sure you could come up with even more uses for this plugin, all it takes is a little imagination.

You tell the plugin how you want your dimesale to run and it does all the hard work for you.

So by now I'm sure you can see the potential of this powerful little plugin, but what exactly do you get for your investment?

Here's what you get with the $7 dimesale plugin:

Tick The $7 Dimesale Plugin
Of course you get the plugin!

Tick Installation and Usage Manual
This makes installation and configuration so easy

Tick Unlimited Personal Use
Install the plugin as many times on as many of your websites as you wish

Tick Free Lifetime Updates
Any Future updates to the plugin and you'll get them

As if that isn't enough, I also want to give you one more very important thing.

Your Guarantee of Satisfaction
We want you to be totally happy with your purchase, so we your purchase today comes with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

Just send us an email with your payment receipt within 60 days of purchase and we will refund all your money. No messing, No fussing and No worry. 

Let's quickly recap what you'll receive when you 
invest in the $7 dimesale plugin:

Running your own profit pulling dimesale has never been so easy!

Other dimesale scripts, I have seen sell for $27 - $37, but I am going to offer this dimesale plugin with user manual, unlimited usage, free lifetime updates and a 60 day money back guarantee for a fraction of that price.

Get Your Hands On The $7 Dimesale Plugin Today For Only...


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To your success!


P.S. Remember this plugin puts you one step ahead of other $7 secrets script owners and will increase your on-line profit potential. Don't miss out, do more with your $7 secrets script today!

P.P.S. $9.97 is really a drop in the ocean when you consider the profit potential of running your own dimesale


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